Welcome to Flora Camping

Flora Camping is a family runned camping offering association mainly for
salmon fisher's needs. For over 120 years it has been driven association
for salmon fishermen`s from all over the world.
Today it is run by Geir Roar Lilleflor.

You will find Flora Camping in Flornes in Stjørdal. From the border of
Sweden it is about 40 km to the camp and from Trondheim Airport Værnes
about 25 km. The camping is near to the road E14 at a farm called LIlleflor
right beside the river Stjørdalselva.

We cooperate with the Stjørdal jeger og fiskerforening (SJFF) who is a local
association for hunters and fisher's. We therefore sell fishingcards for this
association and their stretches at the river. If you wish to buy a fishingcard
you can buy a card for the whole season, a week, for 3 days or a single day.
Flora Camping is an excellent accommodation based on fishing salmon at the
stretches in the top of the river.
One of the stretches is located near the camp. It is named “Bruhølen”. There are
increasingly taken large and fine salmon at this stretch.

If you want to stay at Flora Camping we can offer you inexpensive prices for cabins.
The cabin`s have a simple standard and are built for 2 - 4 persons. In the cabin`s
there is equipment for daily cooking, refrigerator, cooking plates and coffeemaker.
The only thing the guests need to bring is duvets and bedclothes.
At the camping there are separated sanitary toilets and showers. There is also a
separate small kitchen where you can do the dishes. At this kitchen there is also
a micro and a washing machine for clothes.

In autumn 2013 we will build a new and lager cabin.
More information about this cabin will come later.

There are opportunities for wireless internet at the camping.

Flora Camping has also good accommodation for caravans, motorhomes and tents.

At the farm we can offer you 3 apartments for accommodation. They keep the same
standard as the cabins, but there you can find toilet and a bathroom in the same house.
If you are more than 4 persons you can rent separated bedrooms in this house.
These apartments are ideal for families.

Flora camping is open from the end of May to the beginning of September.